LINKS A large resource for former Christians and those thinking of leaving the religion. Full of testimonials, articles, contacts, and a forum for discussion. The place to go if you are a having doubts about your Christian faith and want to talk to others who have gone through the same experience. If you haven't heard of Richard Dawkins, then you must live in a cave. His critics say he is arrogant, but that's just an appearance he has from being right all the time.

The Way Forward Bruce Gerencser's wonderful and honest blog. Bruce previously had a blog called Fallen From Grace describing his move from Baptist minister to atheist.

Pharyngula  PZ Meyers' regular contribution to the world of science and free thought.

AHA Foundation Founded by Ayan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim who escaped her upbringing and became one of the West's most knowledgeable and sharpest crritics of Islam and defenders of women's rights.

The Canadian Secular Alliance

The Daily Hitchens. Sadly Christopher Hitchens is no longer with us. But his legacy lives on in his many books and articles, and on the internet. 


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